ECO PGS pallet

ECO PGS Eco-Designed Green Pallets

Hand-in-hand with you, we help implement a responsible logistics system. When you opt for our green ECO PGS pallets, you opt for secured pallets and a budget that is under control. Our green pallets are made from carefully sourced timber from sustainably managed forests. Due to their eco-design, they contain a minimum of raw material while guaranteeing load-bearing capacity and safety. Moreover, because we use modern sawing technologies, their production consumes less energy. Finally, their eco-design allows them to optimize transport and our collection system further extends their lifespan.

PGS Reverse

PGS RLS Virtual Transfer and Real Delivery

PGS RLS can take care of the relocation of your EPAL/EUR and Düsseldorfer pallets. It is a credit-debit system, which provides the customer with a pallet account that is valid throughout Europe. The collection, sorting, and repair of pallets take place at our facilities. With PGS RLS, you save time and money on pallet purchases, with lower shipping costs, as well as a pallet account that is available 24/7 and updated in real time. Moreover, with PGS RLS, you also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and limit raw material wastage.

PGS reverse
PGS Reverse

PGS Reverse+ Optimize your budget. Secure your workflows

Logistics are a major competitive factor for any company. Our expertise and knowledge of the movement of flows and services, physical flows of merchandise and especially information enable us to manage your entire logistics park. Pallets are optimized, collected, maintained and the park develops with you. PGS Reverse+ offers a comprehensive solution at a fair and competitive price.

PGS reverse
ECO Repair

ECO REPAIR Custom Solution. On Site. Repairing your Pallet Inventory

Eco Repair is a customized, on-site solution for repairing our customers’ pallet inventories. Eco-friendly and economical, our Eco Repair is a 100% standalone solution. This customized service can be quickly set up at a customer’s site, so that we can address your needs as effectively as possible. Your pallets are repaired in strict compliance with EPAL, CP and other regulatory certifications.

Learn more about ECO REPAIR

Learn more about ECO REPAIR
Transport Beynel ingekort

Supply Chain Optimisation Flexible, sustainable and cost-efficient transport

We offer multimodal transport solutions that are flexible, sustainable, cost-efficient and delivered just-in-time. In cooperation with our partners 5G Multimodal and Seliwood, we ensure that our customers receive the right pallets at the right place, right when they are needed.

PGS my pgs mockup

MyPGS Virtual service. Full control. At all times.

MyPGS is a digital platform, which has been created as a service for PGS Group customers. This digital platform enables customers to have a clear overview of their accounts within PGS, including orders, deliveries and invoices. It is available at any time.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Visit our ESG-page, where we share insights into PGS Group's journey towards sustainability, striving to make a meaningful impact.

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