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Roundwood Sawyer (M/F) Sawmill Van Schorisse, Ronse (Belgium)


The main task in this job is to saw logs to the correct length and in this way provide production with a constant supply of wood. Specifically, you perform the following tasks;

  • Move logs safely with a forklift truck;
  • Sawing logs safely into smaller pieces with a chainsaw;
  • Operating a log sawing machine to saw the logs. You will operate the buttons of this sawing machine in order to set the correct parameters in a computer-controlled manner (such as feed speed, rpm, etc.);
  • You will work in the yard in open space.



Van Schorisse is a sawmill that saws poplars into planks and beams for pallets. Around 80m3 of roundwood is sawn every day. We offer the following; an interesting training; a permanent contract after a successful training period; good salary; punctual payment.

Working hours: Monday to Thursday from 08.00h to 16.30h. Friday from 08.00h to 14.30h.

Location: B-9600 Ronse (Belgium), Klein Frankrijkstraat 20.


  • You notice deviations, faults or the need for preventive maintenance of the (cutting) materials and tools and take appropriate action.
  • You have experience with working with a chainsaw.
  • You respect the safety instructions and pay attention to dangerous situations.
  • You work independently and are able to estimate the production time schedules well.
  • You maintain your workplace daily.
  • You have a forklift certificate and several years of experience in driving a forklift.


Billing Information

Support Services BVBA
Noordlaan 21 B-9200 Dendermonde
F +32 59 27 51 28
BTW BE 0886.572.971

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